Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Comic of the Week Round-Up: Top 20 Comics of the Year

So a little over a year I decided to celebrate the launch of Sex Criminals that I'd start recommending a few comic books every week that I was enjoying. What started off as about three books a week has slowly expanded to a fluctuating number between three and ten, because sometimes that's many to recommend, and now I've been doing it for a year. To celebrate this, I've decided to collate all of the books that I've recommended and make a list of the twenty that were recommended most often.

Some caveats; I am most definitely not reading every book that is coming out every week, there are some definite blind spots in my reading. So don't go expecting any Dark Horse on this list, because whilst I know Mind MGMT and B.P.R.D. are really good, I'm not reading them (currently). Same goes for all of Valiant's output, although I am slowly making my way through that. Then there are some books which I know get a lot of love but I don't feel exactly the same, for example, I enjoy Rat Queens but I don't love it. Or there are books I'm just late to like Stray Bullets which I'm currently reading from the very beginning.

So here we go with the list: