Monday, 26 November 2007

Of Second Posts

Well this is a second post. Hardly a first but still quite extroridnary for someone like me. Really this post will have no actual subject but will just be my general ramblings.
First off its Christmas yay!!! Which means that in a few short weeks I will be rolling around in crap which I did not ask for and the stuff which I did ask for will be used once and thrown on an ever growing pile of presents form Christmases of yore.
Secondly its exam season for people my age which means that I have done bugger all. Yep I have not touched a revision book or a website which is designed to help me learn. Instead I am merely doing nothing waiting for the panic to set in as I remember that I actual don't know anything about the subject which I have a 2 hour exam on in the morning.
Thirdly (and finanlly) due to my phobia of revision I have instead resorted to writing. Now people who know me know that any point in time I have various ideas for things circling my head (many of which humourous and non-sensical) However this is the first time I have felt compelled to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Don't expect to ever read it but hey at least I'll be able to and see how amazingly cool my story of secrets, lies, death, romance and betrayal is.
Now I sign off by saying have fun sitting around your non-denominational holiday plant, waiting for your non-denomational holiday fat man drop down your non-denominational holiday opening to fill your non-denominational holiday sock full of non-denominational holiday gifts. (Guess what my new favourite phrase is?)

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