Thursday, 8 May 2008

Of Nothing

Felt that after a month I should post something so I'm posting now. Really this is about nothing however I might as well have a rant while I'm at it. My rant will actually be about nothing or at least the concept of nothing.

Seriously what is nothing? There can't be nothing! There is always something there has to be. Something doesnt come from nothing which therefore means there is always something, even if the something is incredibly small and insignificant. At least its there and is something. Nothing on the other hand is pointless. No one wants nothing they always want something. This something doesnt have to be a physical something, just the abstract concept of a something but even then for that to work there has to be something to actually have this abstract concept of something. Be it gratification, love, depression, regret, pain. None of these things are physical somethings but they're somethings which have been created by other somethings (namely us). Time is something and so is space which means that there is always something even if space is a vacum and time is merely a concept which we use to see how late we are to do something. These two things must have always existed (time didn't just start because it felt like it did) or otherwise there really would be nothing, in which case I wouldn't be writing this as I would be nothing as the nothingness that was without time and space wouldn't be able to make me into something.

So what does this mean? Don't use the word nothing. Put a space between it and say no thing at least that implies that what you are looking for is not there rather than there being nothing (no time, space, abstract ideas, atoms, molecules etc).

Nothing = 13 times
Something = 18 times

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