Saturday, 21 June 2008

Of How I Met Your Mother

Alright I've finally gotten round to watching How I Met Your Mother and can safely that it is awesome. Maybe not as awesome as Lost, Veronica Mars, Dexter, The Wire or Breaking Bad, but definately awesome. How I Met Your Mother is definately one of the best comedy shows that I have seen, up there with Arrested Development, the earlier seasons of Scrubs and Blackadder (obviously not the first season though)

I managed to watch all three seasons of the show in about 2 weeks and have fallen in love with all of the characters in the show. Barney is legen...dary (had to do it) and I think Marshall is also awesome. Which is why I love the slapbet :-).

Really I'm going to have to save my praise of the show for the soon to be released 4th season and my top 10 shows of 2008, where I can safely say that How I Met Your Mother will have a place....unless Heroes has a come back in season 3, which dear god I hope it does as the first season was awesome and the cast of Heroes is amazing (come Masi Oka and Zachary Quinto on the same show!!!!). Finally mad props again to the casting on both How I Met Your Mother and Heroes for not only putting cast together on both shows (although Heroes is significantly larger) but also some awesome guest stars (Sarah Chalke on HIMYM and Kristen Bell on Heroes, both of whom are from awesome shows and will hopefuly have a larger part in the next few seasons)

Also looking forward to a good weekend of British TV shows with Roses return on Doctor Who and the start of the new season of Top Gear (I'm already ready to laugh my arse off).

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