Sunday, 5 July 2009

Of July 2009

Would you believe that we're already half way through the year? Quite a depressing factoid, especially since deep down I wish it were still December 2007, just an insanely happy period of my life that I would trade almost anything to go back to.

But what the hell it's 2009 and there's reason to at least be slightly happy. Once again it is the holiday period so from next Saturday through till about August expect me to be able to sit down and do more frequent blog postings. However I am going to be busy with filming, driving lessons, going away, my over abundance of television (which went into hibernation recently) and my quite frequent wishes to write something that hasn't been asked to be done by a friend. At the moment I have no fucking clue what I want to do, could be sci-fi, romantic or dramatic. Remember when I say romantic though it will probably be a very depressing and kind of pessimistic view on love, whereby everyone ends up fucked over by emotions. There may also be fucking (but quite probably not by the main character). This feels like something that I really need to get off of my chest so I might write it and just hide it away. Or it might get filmed. Who knows. But at the moment as I say I want to do something romantic with a tinge of pessimism before I move onto the science fiction idea I've been rocking around for a while. As well as some slight edits to a friends script and if it ever gets off the road completely an episode of two of my friends zombie project. All in all I predict this to be the summer where I can actually say I got one step closer to my life goal.

Hopefully as well I might be able to post some brief clips of what me and my friends are doing on the film, or at least some behind the scenes things. Last year we went around with two cameras, one was the main movie and the other was just ramblings from the cast, director and moi (aka writer). It didn't actually get finished, the film was done and we even recorded a commentary for it and there a few copies of a dvd knocking around. But I definitely won't be able to post it on the internet despite being one third of the production company.

But for the next five days I have to go and do bullshit work experience. At which I will be doing something and being a bit of a hypocrite considering my actual views on part of what I'll be working with (namely Copyright laws and how in this new era of the internet they REALLY need to be changed). But that might make for a fun week, who knows I might learn something. But as soon as that is done I'm settling down into a summer swing. I think writing is going to take place in the first few weeks due to filming not possibly starting till late July.

Plus since this post is 5 days late I've already this July interesting. Namely a Leaver's party which was a lot of fun. Talking, drinking and just general laughs. Whilst some bad stuff did happen (guy in my year got kicked in the face for accidentally nudging someone on the dance floor) and I'm kicking myself for saying something to someone. However I had a lot of fun. I didn't manage to get one friend off his head drunk but I did manage to give my shirt to a random Australian girl and then spend the rest of the night being lambasted for not getting off with her.

Oh and Pixar got an unanimous "Yay" meaning that unsurprisingly they do make good movies. Really who could possibly vote no? Apart from Armond White but he's a twat who honestly doesn't count for shit.

But that is July in a nutshell so here come the little formality bits

Stuff Coming Soon
No fucking clue, look back over the past few months and anything I haven't done I'll try and do alright?

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*I've actually read a lot recently with in the past two weeks having read The Road, The Catcher in the Rye and The Handmaid's Tale. I can tell I'm going to read a lot this summer.

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