Wednesday, 5 August 2009

August 2009

So it's August. So much for increased blog count. However I have been very busy. What with work experience, trips to Cornwall and a week of filming which eventually became living at my friends house, drinking, dicking around and watching films. Was a lot of fun. However I have my final scene to film tomorrow and then the film will be more or less done apart from a couple of fight scenes (which may have already been done due to me being down in Wales over the past few days). So all in all filming went well despite problems with weather and people not being able to make it. We may not have done it four days but we had fun which is the main thing.

August is upon us and really it means three things. Mad Men Season 3, a trip to Malaysia and results. Two of which I'm looking forward to. No prize if you can guess which one because it's very obvious. Mad Men Season should be awesome so I'll be bigging that up a lot on this blog.

In terms of my television mass watching I've got done with Undeclared and Alias. At the moment I'm watching Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica which are the main two for the summer. This is along with True Blood (which is awesome currently) and watching Veronica Mars on E4 (seriously it's on everyday at 11 WATCH IT!!!) I haven't done as much as I wanted due to general busyness but really I didn't know I'd up spending a week in Bagshot filming. Or that my laptop wouldn't work properly in Cornwall so the next 10 days (shit that's not long) will be devoted to catching up. And History. And my novel (2 chapters and a prologue in). And reading. And driving lessons.

You might as well just ignore this blog however I will hopefully have two movie reviews up in the form of Moon (I hope to see it tomorrow) and potentially Inglorious Basterds if we can make it to an advanced screening. However since its the day before I go away I might not be able to get a review up. All depends.

Stuff Coming Soon
Moon Review
Inglorious Basterds Review

Currently Listening To: Red Hands - The Dear Hunter
Currently Watching (TV) - Supernatural/Battlestar Galactica/True Blood Season 2
Currently Watching (Movie) - Moon (I hope)
Currently Reading: Twilight/Dead Until Dark (competitive blog post to come early September aka the month of music)

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