Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September 2009

Well, well, well we've hit September. Full circle in terms of school year. Still a few days left and I need to put the finishing touches to an essay (it is currently killing me) and then I should be A OK. I've read enough books this summer so if I do what I did last year I should be alright (well as long as I don't go near Maths that is).

So September normally means, yay television is back. However that's a yes and no for this year. Yes Supernatural (Season 5 is going to kick so much arse), Dollhouse, Fringe, The Office, Gossip Girl and Heroes will all be back on I'm not that excited. Yes Mad Men, True Blood and Supernatural are all amazing reasons to be happy (True Blood season finale in two weeks btw) this year feels sort of lacking mostly due to the disappointing omissions of Chuck, Lost, Pushing Daisies and Terminator. Ahh well September is awesome for more that one reason.

And this year that reason is music. So what follows is a brief look at the month ahead in music:

September 14
The Resistance - Muse = It's Muse, one of the best bands in the UK releasing what is probably one of the most anticipated releases of the year, I'm going to see them in November and I'm loving what I've heard of the album so far, so yeah you could say I'm little excited. The band definitely rock

September 15
Beggars - Thrice = This album has been out since early last month, but this marks the physical release of what currently stands as one of my favourite albums of the year (along with Manchester Orchestra and Dear Hunter). If you haven't heard it yet you should track it down, it's not as heavy as their older work and is just all around superb, heartily recommended.

The World I Want To Leave Behind - Moneen = The band who released my favourite album of the decade finally return, whilst I don't think they'll be able to top 2006's seminal 'The Red Tree' I definitely want to hear this even if I'm hearing a lot of people saying it is just a bit too overproduced, the EP was good as I'm sure this will be too.

September 21
Forget the Night Ahead - The Twilight Sad = The new album from one of the top bands in one of the top music scenes in the world, Scotland. Scotland is currently pushing forward a lot of amazing bands, in particular Frightened Rabbit and since these guys are best mates with them, you know something great is going to come out of this release (even if I preferred FR's last release to TTS's)

September 22
Daisy - Brand New = This one leaked a few days ago and has been playing almost non-stop since then and I still don't know what to think, musically it's superb and apart from a few lyrical duds ("The Champ goes down like a clown in the second round") the album is amazing, it just sounds so different to Brand New's last album 'The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me' that I was a little taken aback by how heavy the opening track Vices is, if you like god music I would definitely say check this out, whether it's one of the years best will come down to me hearing a better quality version and whether I'm still playing it in 3 months.

Unmap - Volcano Choir = I heard this one for the first time yesterday and I have to say first impressions are that it's good, not as good as Bon Iver's main project but a lot of the songs are good just lack some of the sparseness that made Bon Iver's debut album so superb.

September 29
Brand New Eyes - Paramore = Again I'm not the biggest Paramore fan but I will say that if that can make a better album than 2007's Riot! they could easily make a really great album, it's just a shame that whilst they definitely have popular support they've yet to produce a seminal album like many other bands on this list.

And whilst that might be it for September, October has releases by Weezer, Say Anything, Wolfmother, Basshunter (bleh) and Cary Brothers. So if you can't find an album you like coming out in the next two months, clearly you're not looking hard enough.

Also if you're looking for movies to go see I'd say top of your lists should be (500) Days of Summer and District 9. I should be seeing District 9 this week, so I'll have a review of that going up soon and movies that came out last month you should are The Hurt Locker, it's a war movie but like District 9 beats the crap out other awful action movies that came out over the Summer (Transformers 2, Wolverine). I also saw Funny People, and whilst in fact being a really good mix of comedy and drama when it focuses on the lives of stand up comedians it up and shits itself when it delves into a romantic plot line for the last 30 mins which just feels indulgent of Judd Apatow and had me looking at the time for when the movie will end, full thoughts by weeks... I promise.

I'll also have a review up of True Blood season 2 verily soon as there is only one episode left but I can't for the life of me think why they would wait two weeks to air it. Also WATCH MAD MEN!!! That is all.

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IaSg14 said...

You like Wolfmother? Cool. Just seen the "Plug In Baby" chart on GH5 and I think they made the wrong song choice, since Muse have done many better songs (Hysteria, for one). Really the song is only good to watch Matt Bellamy diving around the stage. Any thoughts?