Sunday, 1 November 2009

November 2009

November really is the beginning of my favourite period of the year. It's a time where you don't ridiculed for not wanting to go outside because no one really wants to. It means you can stay in and watch films, play games or even if you want to go out its normally to somewhere indoors or something festivey or related to winter sports. It's a time of hibernation which doesn't really let up until February (or in the UK when we have that last freak snow storm). I love it. It means winter is almost upon us and I can actually have a bit of time to think (surprisingly I get more done during the Winter than in summer, my blog is testament to that).

So what do we have planned for the coming November? Well I've seen a few films I wouldn't mind reviewing. Stuff like Moon and Hurt Locker as well as hopefully Let the Right One In (I've had the DVD for months). I'm also going to cinema some point soon, whether the film is review worthy shall be seen.

I've also got two gigs in the coming weeks. First being Frightened Rabbit this Saturday (the awesome Scottish band and forerunners for my favourite band in the UK), which I'm sure will be awesome. I might do a review but only if the loudness has died and I can remember the set list. This is followed by Muse on the 13th which will be epic with their renown for being one of the best live acts on the planet.

November will also result of a review of Mad Men Season 3 going up in the next two weeks (I promise). This season has been awesome, but I really didn't need to tell you that.

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