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Of December 2009

Well it's December. And I do mean December. I'm writing this half way through the month so I apologise for the lateness. I would say I've been busy, which I have been, but honestly not too busy to keep putting off a blog post. However I will be doing a lot more later on in the month and early on in the New Year as part of a wrap up of 09 and the decade.

However first up is the important part. It's almost Christmas! Which brings with it the onslaught of Christmas Television! So lets get it started. First off, American television dies this time of year, so us British people have to rely on the shows that our country produces but luckily the best shows are normally on this time of year so that's a good thing.

First up the Glee premiere tomorrow on E4. I'll speak more about Glee in my Top 10 Shows of 2009 (spoilers) but for now if you want a very funny light show which has a very mean sense of humour whilst being on of the most fun shows on television (as long as you don't have any qualms with the idea of popular hits being played). Think of it as my Pushing Daisies replacement without the impeccable art direction and superb dialogue. (On other UK debuts HIMYM and Big Bang Theory start new seasons this Thursday also on E4)

Then are the current seasons of Gavin and Stacey and Top Gear which will be running throughout the Christmas period will have another Special episodes where they go to Bolivia which is guaranteed to be hilarious and Gavin and Stacey will be airing their last few episodes with the penultimate episode being moved to Christmas Day (two years in a row plus the episode that will be airing will only be set a few months after last years) and New Years Day where the last ever episode will air (*sob*).

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe Review of 2009 will air December 22nd on BBC4 and is a much watch for anyone. The only real shame is that it isn't an entire series but we still get Charlie Brooker's absolutely perfect, biting criticism of the television industry as a whole. It's like Christmas will be coming early.

Then the inevitable elephant in the room, Doctor Who. David Tennat's last ever episodes as the Doctor and of course the BBC's pimping out of David Tennant with his stint as Hamlet airing on Boxing Day and Tennant appearing on shows such as QI and Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Doctor Who is taking over the BBC this year and with good reason. David Tennant was a superb Doctor and it will be sad to see him go, however next year marks the first year with Stephen Moffat in control which will be superb (particularly if rumours of a Neil Gaiman penned episode are true) If you aren't watching Doctor Who this year then something is seriously wrong with you (even if the second episode will probably disappoint).

Outnumbered will be airing a Christmas Special on 27th December but it's airing at 10:30 on BBC1, seems if anything a bit of a kick in the balls for one of the funniest shows on British television airing that late two days after Christmas. Especially when it's one of the few shows which has been able to find endearing and funny child actors (and of the best uses of ad-libbing I've ever seen).

Channel 4 will be airing countdowns of the best songs and TV shows of the decade so I'm curious to see what tops their list. Whilst the song list will probably be dire, the TV show will be forgiven as long as The Wire is at number 1 (or at the very least top 5). Those are both on various points after Christmas Day with the main one being New Year's Eve (however crammed in the middle is "Your Top 20 Celebrity Big Brother moments which thankfully Radio Times have not given their stamp of approval).

Also as the decade ends we get to revisit many brilliant shows with Sky2 spending all of December 30th re-airing Lost Season 5, whilst of course some of it will be censored, if you want to catch up for the inevitably jaw dropping Season 6 in February I'd watch just to remember all the important developments of Season 5. Also More4 from New Year's Eve onwards are doing a Graham Linehan marathon with all of The IT Crowd, Father Ted and Black Books airing for those who love British comedy it's a must see.

Whilst New Year's Day is going to be very busy what with David Tennat's last episode of Doctor Who (plus John Simm is in it and who doesn't love John Simm?) and last ever episode of Gavin and Stacey but Channel 4 are airing their Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Charlie Brooker is one of the contestants (on the same team as David Mitchell) and the only judge I want to see replaced is Claudia Winkelman, for whom I would love to see replaced by Noel Fielding as him and Russell Brand work so well together (even if you hate them). However it's on at the same time as Gavin and Stacey so I'd watch that first and then flip over (I have Sky+ so I can see both)

That should be about it in terms of Christmas television. Look out for my reviews of Doctor Who (they'll be reviewed separately) and Dexter Season 4 and Gavin and Stacey Season 3 (and possibly the show as a whole). Plus a review of Avatar and Where the Wild Things are! (but you probably know I'm lying).

I will also posting my Favourite Albums and Songs of the year/decade and my Top 10 Shows of 2009/decade like last year (without it being spread over 10 days like last year as I've already reviewed most shows on the list properly and it will get very boring to hear me raving repeatedly). I might do a movies list and I'm also looking for recommendations for best songs of the decade as it will be a list of 25 and I want to make sure I include a lot of genres on my list (not just my own personal tastes)

So for now I say goodbye and I wish my small reader base a Merry Christmas!!!

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