Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Of January 2010

Well here's a blog post I didn't really expect to make. I might not update frequently but still, I expected to be bored of this now. Whilst I'm not prolific, I do enjoy sending my opinion into a big expanse.

Coming up later tonight and ealy tomoorow will be the Third Annual Top 10 TV Shows list. Due to the large amount of snow (yay snow) I've actually got some time to do blog post about this. Unlike last year, it isn't a long series of blog posts but more in line with those music related posts I've been doing in the past few weeks. However it will still take up multiple posts. About three so I can A) Get some sleep and B) Boost my blog post number. Whilst I haven't seen everything great in 2009 (Sons of Anarchy probably being my biggest grievance), I do think it's a fairly good list and for the first time ever, is entirely made up of shows which debuted new episodes in 2009.

My top 10 movies of 2009 can be found on my Twitter. I didn't review a lot of them but that's because, someone else reviewed them first or I just simply didn't have enough time (or I simply couldn't be arsed). Of course The Wrestler is number 1, that movie is just superb and a must see.

Doctor Who review will be coming soon, as soon as I've watched the episode again. It was good. The first half was patchy but the stellar performances more than made up for it. My only complaint is that the villains were an actual threat for all of 5 minutes before dying. Whilst like in Series 2 it was followed by a great epilogue, it just felt a little bit of waste (although Timothy Dalton did salvage some of it.)

I'll be doing some stuff about Chuck very soon, it's back on Sunday so make sure you watch BOTH episodes! Probably just a first impressions/suck-up fest because Chuck is just fantastic.

Finally Lost is back February 2nd so in the run up I'll be doing a top 10 episodes and top 10 characters to get back into the feel. However if Obama has his way I might need to wait until February 9th, in which case some people may end up being castrated because I NEED my final Lost fix ever. With only 18 hours left, I'm going to savour every single second that Damon and Carlton are going to give us.

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