Thursday, 4 February 2010

Top 10 Lost Episodes

A bit late, I watched the premiere. Damn was it good. I actually debated about putting it on this list, but I feel that the time for Season 6 will come in May when it's all over and we can look back on the show as a whole and say whether it was a success or not, but I still think Lost will go down in history as a show which took narrative to new and exciting places. Even if the final episode sucks, it'll just be three hours of a 120 hour show, which has put out so many good hours. Sadly a lot of people will focus on the finale as to whether the show was good or not, something that a lot of people are still doing about The Sopranos' ending.

But anyway, my personal favourite episodes of Lost from the first 103 hours of the show.

10. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Season 5
We'd been waiting two seasons for this episode, why exactly was Locke off the island and why was he using a different name? Luckily this episode delivered in spades and gave us a lot too chew on. Plus the scene where Ben choked Locke using the wire was one of the best scenes Lost has created. Biggest complaint? Possibly the last time we will ever see Walt.

9. The Incident - Season 5
Season 5 was probably one of the weaker seasons of Lost but luckily the finale delivered in spades. It was action packed, romantic and we got a nuclear bomb. Oh and we finally met Jacob. To Lost fans, that's pretty much reason enough to put this episode in any Top 10 list.

8. Man of Science, Man of Faith - Season 2
This was probably the last time we saw Jack as a truly sympathetic character. It also kicked Season 2 off with a bang and whilst it fizzled towards the middle, this episode is one of my favourite ever and also contains my favourite single Lost scene ever. Damn is that opening just a great piece of misdirection, character introduction and an awesome song choice.

7. The Shape of Things to Come - Season 4
This was the first episode of Lost we got after the writers strike and damn was it amazing. First it was payoff to the reveal that Ben was off the island in the future and it was sooo good. But it was confusing as all hell, why was he in Tunisia? In a Dharma jacket? Plus his conversation where he promised Charles Widmore he'd kill Penny! because Widmore's men had killed his daughter (another shocking scene from the episode). On top of all that we got some smoke monster ownage. Yup this episode is pure Lost at its best.

6. The Man From Tallahassee - Season 3
Another episode that we'd been waiting for 2 seasons. It was in this episode we finally found out why John Locke was in a wheelchair and it was just such an amazing payoff. Of course it was down to his father (who would go onto play a pivotal role in another Season 3 doozy 'The Brig' along with Sawyer). And Season 3 added to its explosion quota with that submarine

5. Pilot - Season 1
It couldn't not be on the list, it started it all and is one of the most filmic hours of television ever. You just need to show someone those first 10 minutes and they're hooked for ever. Strong characters, monsters, polar bears and weird French transmissions were just the start of the epic narrative web that is Lost.

4. There's No Place Like Home - Season 4
It came at the end of an epic season and gave us so much to ponder over the hiatus. Why was Locke in a coffin? How did that Donkey Wheel make the island move? What happened to all the people left on the island? Plus storylines came to a close such as the Oceanic 6 story and a cherry on the cake? Desmond and Penny were reunited after 3 years apart!!! I know I'm a sap, but it's my favourite fictional relationship ever and it came as such an awesome surprise I actually cried (I know)

3. Walkabout - Season 1
I could talk about Terry O'Quinn's masterful performance or the cool hunting story on the island, but really there is one reason this episode is seen as a definitive Lost episode. It's that end scene, we've spent an hour with this hunter Locke, with his knives and cool demeanor. But then we find out that off-island he was wheelchair bound. The definitive Lost WTF moment, and if you weren't hooked before hand, then you definitely were now.

2. Through The Looking Glass - Season 3
It's another definitive Lost episode that throws one of the biggest curve balls in Lost history. Not only was there a lot to love in the episode, twists, Dharma Stations, war with the Others, ghost Walt and of course the scenes with Charlie down in the Looking Glass. It's another of Lost's best scenes, had me in tears and is easily the most affecting death the show has done so far. Oh and a little thing in the shape of the flashforward.

1. The Constant - Season 4
The best single hour has ever produced and I know I'm boring for saying so. Simply the best acted, directed, scored, edited and just generally put together episode of Lost in existence. It's where the idea of time travel was properly explored plus we had Desmond and Penny and THAT phone call which like so many other scenes already mentioned is one of the best scenes that the show has produced. But also this could be my favourite scene ever put to any sort of film, movies or TV. It's just that damn good and you're doing yourself a disservice if you haven't seen it.

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