Monday, 1 March 2010

Of March 2010

March! In one month I'm eighteen! Not that it really matters because I already do a lot of things that shouldn't be legal until then. Like going to the pub or seeing 18s. But still it's a big event in my life that should be celebrated

I anticipated this being a really angry blog post full of how I hated the hapless twats that run my school IT Department. But I've had a really good day so I'll let them off. Also, it's helped me actually do some work which will be really good in the long run. Specially after a godawful report.

So instead I'm just going to say HAPPY MARCH and then return to trying to think of what to put in my yearbook.

Oh and Lost is still awesome, especially because we got what looks like the worst episode of the season out of the way at episode 3. Plus all the awesome shows are coming back this week, and whilst I won't be able to watch in school, it's something to do which is always nice.

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