Monday, 28 June 2010

Of June 2010

Well it's still technically June, so it's not that late.

Apologies I haven't been blogging much. Exams whilst not getting on top of me kinda stopped me from blogging for a while. Since I finished almost two weeks ago though I've had no excuses other than the fact I've been having too much fun relaxing, listening to music and playing Assassin's Creed 2.

But now I come to rectify the issue!

I will be reviewing Supernatural, Lost, Chuck, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Glee, Sons of Anarchy and a whole host of comedy shows in he coming days. But I also have a small matter of leavers of socialising and drinking which may result in some posts being delayed a bit more. By the weekend they should all be up (I promise).

I always am toying with the idea of reviewing Assassin's Creed 2 (great, great game) as well as doing a post recommending Six Albums for the first Six Months of 2010. But we shall see.

Other that, I've finished my exams!!! Yayness. I've also managed to chip a cap off of my tooth and now I look like a complete chav. Should be getting it fixed in the next few days (hopefully before leavers as I do not want to have that remembered for me looking like a boxer).

Well see you in about 2 days for the July post (unless I'm late then as well).

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