Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 2011

I'd planned on having my TV show list over a week ago, however Christmas got in the way as well as the fact that the more I kept looking into TV shows I really enjoyed over the past 12 months, the longer my list has grown to the extent that it's now over 20 shows long. All of them are shows I would endorse for many people to watch, but now that the majority of the drafting is done and I've only got to figure out a couple of episodes to put on my list, you can look forward to reading all of my thoughts about TV in 2010 tomorrow.

But that's enough about talking about, we're here to celebrate the fact that it is now 2011. Well to be honest I have no clue what on earth 2011 will be bringing. 2010 was a complete surprise on multiple levels. Some very good stuff happened, some less than good stuff happened, but that's what happens in any year. 2010 wasn't an awful year, in fact for the most part it was pretty fantastic, blah blah cliché bullshit.

So now it's 2011, which really so far doesn't feel all that different from 2010 and I don't think it will be apart from the arbitrary fact that that is where we decided that a year was going to begin.

Nothing really interesting to impart upon anyone because my life isn't really blog worthy. Apart from the failed New Years celebrations last night but it was still fun because I was hanging out with two of my closest friends. And really (sappy bullshit) that's what the new year is supposed to be about.

What to look forward to this month are things such as 127 Hours, The King's Speech and Black Swan being released in cinemas as well as the return of Parks & Recreation coming back to our screens in about 3 weeks! So yeah lots of media related goodness to look forward, as well as those TV show blogposts I've got cooking, which still need to be finished...

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