Friday, 29 February 2008

Of Novels Which May Someday Be Written

Two updates in one day I must be mad. Well no I just couldnt be bothered to edit the last post. I said a while ago that I might start writting a novel, and now that my coursework is out of the way why not start now?

Due to extreme amounts of depression the novel is most likely to be incredibly depressing as well and may feature some mutilation, of whom I will not say. All depends on whether or not they realise it was them that caused the depression in the first place.


IaSg14 said...

How are you going with the novel?

Nquoid said...

Lol quite badly. Still in planning stages. In between I've had to write to write two film scripts. However I did tell a friend my idea as an idea for a movie, but he said that it would be too high concept.
So at the moment I'm just trying to figure out how I get my characters from A to B. Probably post an update about it closer to christmas.