Saturday, 6 September 2008

Of Anticipated Movies

Those of you remember may remember back a few months when I posted a list of my most anticipated movies. Well that list remains unchanged (however I have seen both The Fall and Redbelt, The Fall I will watch again to get proper bearings on). However I do have a couple of films to add and some things to do to the order. So heres the list which has evolved into a top 10:

1. The Wrestler - I freaking love Darren Aronofsky. All three of his films are fantastic and two of them are in my top six. So I can safely say that I am psyched for this one. Especially with all the buzz, it having just won the Golden Lion award for best film at the Venice film festival and Mickey Rourke being pegged with an Oscar nomination. Now all I need is a trailer to show people. Also excited for Arronofsky's future movies The Fighter and Robocop.

2. Watchmen - I really, really loved the Watchmen graphic novel, so a movie adaptation has me interested no end. Also if it has to come out at 3 hours to do a service to the original source material then so be it. If the price of awesome is being that long then so be it (Dark Knight and Lord of the Rings have both proven that a long run time is in no way a hinderance of awesomeness).

3. Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Alright I am intriqued by this one. Its a movie about a man who ages backwards and who falls in love with a girl who ages normally. Also its directed by David Fincher and stars Brad Pitt and if these twos previous colaborations are anything to go by (Se7en and Fight Club) this is a match made in heaven.

4. Quantum of Solace - A sequel to Casino Royale which was a brilliant movie. This movie promises to be more epic in every way possible. Whilst its a different director its still Daniel Craig and if you dont know that Daniel Craig is awesome you should be slapped right now.

5. Angels and Demons - I enjoyed Angels and Demons. Yes its trashy but its enjoyable to read. The twists are unexpected and whilst Da Vinci was a little self indulgent I'm willing to put some faith in this one. As long as its at least a 15 and they don't pussy out of showing some of the more imaginitive deaths in the book (paticulalry FIRE). Oh and Ron Howard (the director) is directing an Arrested Development movie which will be hilarious.

6. The Neverhood - Now we move into the what ifs. Here are the movies that aren't currently filming and have no proof that they will exist, but I'm still psyched for 'em. As you may know I love The Neverhood, it's my favourite game ever. So I really want this movie made. We need more claymation movies. Aardman are the only people who seem interested in doing them so I hope that Douglas Tennapel can get this one made. Also it'll be great to give the wonders of Willie Trombone to the masses.

7. Veronica Mars - Hell Yes!!!!! How can I not be psyched? Whislt nothing is written in stone yet just the fact that there will be a script for a movie of one of my favourite tv shows ever has me pumped.

8. The World's End - Yup it's the third entry in the Blood and Ice-Cream Trilogy. Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead are wickedly funny and the promise of more Pegg, Wright and Frost is awesome. The third "part" is still shrouded in secrecy. No one the genre or the setting. All we know is that it will contain a Mint Cornetto and lots of blood and laughter.

9. The Hobbit - It might not be Peter Jackson (especially after his falling out with New Line) but it's directed by Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan's Labyrinth. The movie is gonna be in two parts, the first a telling of the Hobbit and the second some sort of prequel to Lord of the Rings. Whilst no one knows whats gonna happen in the second movie more Lord of the Rings is only a good thing right? Also del Toro is directing a film adaptation of one of my favourite books Slaughterhouse-5. Wonder if he'll take any ideas from Lost?

10. Open Hearts - This one I'm not to sure about. I've seen it's been in pre-production for ages. Garden State is one of my favourite movies ever and a new Zach Braff movie can only be good especially with Scrubs ending next year. If the movie doesn't come out soon I'm going to have to check out the original Danish version

Trailer Roundup:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Quantum of Solace

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