Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Of Swearing

Alright this is long overdue but needs to be said. What the fuck is everyones problem with swearing? Why do the vibrations our voice boxes make course so much fuss? Why is saying "poo" more acceptable than "shit" or "crap" when they have the same meaning? I know it all comes down to context, but nowadays shit and crap are perfectable ways to say faeces. Teenagers will swear freely all the time, some don't even know they're doing it. My view on this whole thing probably comes from a lack of context in which the word was originally created, however overtime the useage of this word has just been whitled to a point where they no longer swear words. They are merely words to say in normal conversation. Fuck doesn't have to be used when angry anymore merely in normal converstaion. Words like fucktards can now be terms of endearments instead of insults. Yes the word is still used to insult people but due to useage in every day conversation their is no bite to the word. It is merely used to show anger. The insult and crudeness of swearing has been lost over time. 50 years ago people would have had their mouths washed out. Nowadays you can hardly go into a cinema withough having the word fuck endlessly forced down your throat. There are movies titled "Fuck" and "Young People Fucking", we have now reached a stage where to a younger generation the word fuck means nothing and to the older it is still vulgar. Words like "nigger" and "poof" have been taken back by the demographics originally they were supposed to oppress and now they to are used as terms of endearment in their culture. Swear words are losing their bite and there will soon come a time where no one will cringe when they hear someone saying "fuck", "cunt", "shit" or "cock". Movies are still rated on swear words. Some movies are only 15s because of the amount of swearing, however in this paradoxial world I have seen 8 year olds with fouler language than some 15s. Yes the blood and violence still warrant a 15 but when we come down to whether or not someone should see a movie depending on the words said in it isn't that a bit bollocks? Swear words are on a downhill slope to a point where they will just become "words". There is no way we can stop this. Current generations have no knowledge of what these mean. To them they are just to be used if angry or in place of any noun, adjective or verb if they get stuck. Eventually when the avant garde have died swear words will become a part of our cultural lexicon. Whilst other words may replace them the current swear words "fuck", "shit", "cocksucker", "cunt", "piss", "tits" and "motherfucker" will be taken into the normal lexicon and used by people everywhere. In 50 years time not only will we have the first generation of technology literate grandparents but also the most foul mouthed grandparents ever.

Clear up: Due to competition from IaSg14 I will be picking up blog posting. Don't know how often just whenever I feel like it. I'm thinking my next post will be talking about Fables then afterwards I may let of some steam about America (although mostly Sarah Palin). None of this is set in stone however. I also aim to post reviews of old movies and tv shows. Namely my favourite movies of all time (I'll do the Darren Aronofsky 3 in one posts), Veronica Mars Season 1 and The Wire as a whole (last nights finale was fucking epic althought not quite as good as the Season 4 finale).

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IaSg14 said...

Glad to know I'm raising the competition. I whole heartedly agree with your view on swearing, but when you say foul-mouthed grandparents...I think most people will say that that's a fairly accurate description of them now.
Since you're gonna do reviews like me, I might do rants like you (e.g. tomorrow my blog shall be on Zango: Why The Fuck Do You Still Exist?). Thanks for the idea.