Thursday, 1 April 2010

Of April 2010

Ultra, ultra short little post today. Today is the day I turn 18, so it means lots of busy time for me (at the moment I count 2 meals with different groups of people, followed by drinks with a third group of people). So I'm just going to say, I hope your April is as awesome as my April (or at least this first day) will inevitably be!!!

Really that is everything, fairly sure there aren't any big finales coming up, just the normal great TV shows continuing to be great and the return of Doctor Who on Saturday (I'm hearing great things) and the return of Party Down (a show I heartily recommend)

Also quickly a little bit on David Mills who died last night of a brain aneurysm. The man was an absolute genius who worked on my favourite show ever, The Wire as well as on NYPD Blue, Homicide, The Corner and ER. TV lost one of the greats yesterday and all my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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