Friday, 21 November 2008

Of the Cancellation of Pushing Daisies

Fuck. This is a post I've been dreading. Pushing Daisies has been on its last legs since it came back with the amazingly strong Bzzzzzzzzzz!. It was inevitable that the show would be cancelled, it was just a matter of when.

So last night ABC announced that Pushing Daisies would not have any episodes ordered beyond the current 13 (all of which have been shot and 6 of which have aired). Now Pushing Daisies could still come back for a third season, ABC still has an opportunity to big up Pushing Daisies for a 3rd Season (incredibly unlikely though). There's also the chance of another network picking up the show, hopefully if this does happen it happens on cable. In the UK, we will watch any show as long as it is on the main channels. Some shows do die but Buffy and Heroes are still going strong in the UK and these air on a mainstream channel (Buffy in the US aired on one of the shitty channels). We actually ignore many of the shows that we have available over satellite. In the US this astoundingly different, whilst ratings definately aren't as high, so many of the cable channels support amazing shows. The Sopranos, Dexter, The Wire and Mad Men all air on cable and are critically lauded as some of the best shows ever.

Cable works differently to the main networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox). For starters they don't order hundreds of pilots only to be left with one or two shows to last the season. Cable instead order 13 episodes of shows in far fewer numbers. So the shows runs are shorters but it helps quality to cultivate better. So if a cable network were to pick up Daisies it would probably get a 13 episode order out of the gates and since the standards for cable are lower (it reaches far fewer households) it means that it doesn't need to get 10 million viewers to stand a chance. Problem is not many shows are picked up by other networks. Some of the few include Friday Night Lights and Futurama, but they are few and far between (Veronica Mars, Firefly and Arrested Development were never picked up another network).

Bryan Fuller the creator of Pushing Daisies has said however that they are talking to DC about a potential comic book series to wrap up the storylines from Season 2 and then a potential movie which is just a standalone story. Now this is probably the most likely outcome for the show (if anything does happen). Firefly had Serenity made, Arrested Development has a movie offically in the works and Rob Thomas has said that the Veronica Mars movie is the first thing he's going to do after Cupid has finished its first season (I'm so watching it because it's essentially the writing staff of Veronica Mars). So hopefully Mr. Fuller can get a movie or comic off the ground, as soon as he's done with Heroes of course.

So R.I.P Pushing Daisies 2007-2008


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