Saturday, 8 November 2008

Of Lost Season 5 Premiere Date

Alright a small piece of news. Lost is back on the Wednesday 21st January. However that is not all. The other better piece of news is that not only is it back in just a little over two months (I'm already counting down the days by the way), no the better news is that it will be a THREE HOUR PREMIERE!!!! Yup three hours devoted to Lost. Sure one of those hours is a recap of the first four seasons but well that still leaves the next two hours which will be the first two episodes of Season 5. So 'Because You Left' and 'The Lie' will be there in all their glory for me to devour.

Now for all UK fans that means that Sky One will probably be airing them the next Sunday (that's the 25th for the astute). Now will they give Lost all the 3 hours? I really don't know because 24 will be back then and that normally airs on a Sunday as well. Personally I'd give all the hours to Lost because 24 was quite bad in Season 6, although Season 7 could be good. They'll probably only air the two episodes in the UK anyway meaning that 24 won't have to be moved (that is if Sky One actually air both episodes on that night)

However Wednesday is also the night that Pushing Daisies airs. Now I can't imagine a better show for Lost to be paired with. Especially with Lost being a very strong show in the ratings. This could mean that Pushing Daisies gets a full season. However it probably won't happen. I guess we'll find out next week when ABC announces the rest of their schedule.

Lost Premiere Date

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