Saturday, 20 December 2008

Of Dexter Season 3

Alright I said that I would be reviewing this and I keep my promises. It's up a bit late because at the moment I'm in France and whilst there is wi-fi out here, my laptop packed up half way through a music binge (I think I've downloaded 500 songs since Sunday.) So that sort of delayed this post, however here it is, Dexter Season 3 in all its glory.

A brief summary of Dexter is that Dexter is a serial killer. A serial killer that only kills other serial killers. The fun of the show comes from the fact that even know you know that Dexter is evil, you can't help but root for him. Part of this comes from Michael C. Hall's superb perfmormance that actually makes you feel for the character. Each season introduces a season long arc for a paticualr serial killer, season 1 was the Ice Truck Killer, season 2 is the Bay Harbour Butcher and this season it was The Skinner. However this isn't the only story, each season introduces a little personal story for Dexter and how is supposed to interact with the "normal" people around, along with personal stories for the rest of cast (because they too must have something to do).

Dexter Season 3 another great season for Dexter, however I'm going to get my first niggle out of the way, it isn't anywhere near as great as Dexter Season 2. Yes the finale of Season 2 didn't keep up the awesomeness of the rest of the season, but overal Season 2 of Dexter is about as good as television will ever get. There is a real tenseness to Season 2 due to the fact that it is Dexter that is being hunted this time instead of some other killer. It is season 2 that just leaves you on the edge of your seat at the end of each episode just wanting to know what happens next. And that is my biggest complaint for Season 3. It just lost something from Season 2, mostly due to the fact that Season 2 could have easily been a last season story-arc which was instead used for the shows second season. Instead Season 3 focuses on a story of friendship.

Whilst that sounds completely rubbish (I mean the serial killer makes a friend doesn't sound like the greatest pitch ever), the writers of Dexter make the story a great watch. Whilst the tension is mostly gone, it doesn't mean the show isn't a great watch. You are constantly guessing whats going to happen next. This season Dexter isn't actually involved in the big serial killer of the season story, instead the show focuses almost all of Dexter's time on his making friends with Miguel Prado (played superbly by Jimmy Smitts). Oh and a wedding. That's what makes the show fun, Dexter dealing with normal life problems whilst going out and murdering people at night. He has a girlfriend, he has a job, he has an appartment and he even has daddy issues but the show makes it fun to watch this seemingly normal stuff just because of who Dexter is.

Whilst the Dexter storyline this year is fun from start to finish, I will say I enjoyed the serial killer storyline that bit more. Yes Dexter's girlfriend Rita and Miguel Prado are great characters, it was just more fun watching Dexter's sister Deb and the rest of the police force try and track down the Skinner. Then with excellent form the storylines merge and you end up with a great finale. It was also nice to see some plot points left over for Season 4 because both Season 1 and 2 wrapped up everything in an over wrought way (if you've watched Season 2 you'll understand what I mean).

It's a fantastic season of television just not as fantastic as Season 2 or 1. Definately watch it for Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smitts performances and also for this seasons police storyline just because I'm a fan of a good murder mystery (hence my love for Veronica Mars) 8.5/10.

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