Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Of Battlestar Galactica Season 1

I have no fucking clue why I'm doing this. Actually I do, I loved the first season of BSG. What I mean is why am I doing it now? When I have work to do? Simple, I'm lazy. I'm far too lazy for my own good, unluckily for me I've never been severly told off for being lazy, merely not reached my full potential. However since I seem to have an amazing potential (ha) even when I don't do my best I'm still a lot better than many people. So I continue to go about life in my own half arsed way. Also I'm on a quest to download 137 Weezer songs. I had 126 at eight this evening which has depressingly fallen to 111. Fuck you itunes (or Vista, I'm not actually sure what happened all I know is an entire album vanished). Luckily however it looks like I'll be done tonight, that is until TGMWEL(VOASH) single comes out. Trust me there will be more posts on Weezer soon (keep reading to find out).

Now onto BSG. BSG Season 1 is fantastic sci-fi. It is probably the most mature piece of science fiction currently airing, perhaps even ever (if you look solely at television). It is deeply dark and the characters are exceedingly interesting. What is even more surprising is the fact that this is based off of a cheesy 70s show.

The show tells the story of the cylons who manage to destroy the 12 colonies that humanity has split into. Because of this the remaining humans who managed to escape the slaughter. So now as a rag tag assortment of survivors they try to defend themselves from the pursuing cylons whilst on a search for Earth, the fabled 13th colony. Now this sounds like really campy sci-fi in the making, however the show is handled superbly. The show whilst being sci-fi is also surprisingly culturally relevant. There are suicide bombers as well a heavy dose of politics. Now politics is hardly the most interesting thing in the world (2008 Presidential Election excluded), but BSG uses it to great effect and it helps to move the plot at a steady pace.

The acting is all top notch. There are strong male and female characters and many of the female characters are just absolutely smoking. Starbuck and Number 6 spring to mind instantly as being two incredibly hot female characters. Edward James Olmos is perfect as William Adama as is Mary McDonnell (the mother in Donnie Darko) as Laura Roslin. I know I'm singling out actors when I really shouldn't because all of the performances are top notch. The acting is especially great when it comes to the Human Cylons who portray a great range of emotions (or lack thereof for some). Summer Glau and Garret Dillahunt are the only actors who can come close to what these actors pull off in every episode.

Special call out to the effects department (they're the same people that did the effects for Firefly and Serenity) as the effects are fucking amazing for a televsion show. Whilst Lost and Heroes use copious amounts of special effects the amount of detail in the dog fight scenes is simply staggering and definately rivals hollywood productions (just as Serenity did).

Overall I'm going to give BSG Season 1 a 9/10. The first season storyline is gripping right up until the last few moments of 13 and season 2 definately looks to be incredible. I only wish I'd started sooner. Sadly however it looks like I won't be ready for Season 4 when it comes back in January as I have far too many shows to watch that I've had to put some on hold till I've got free time (namely Christmas and some time after Easter). If you are a fan of gritter sci-fi you owe it to yourself to at least check out BSG, it is truely terrific.

Odds and Ends (not just an upcoming Weezer album!). I plan on more television reviews. Dexter Season 3 finished in weeks and I've Veronica Mars Season 1 almost completely rewatched, then after Christmas expect some form of Wire review. For Christmas however I will be doing my Top 10 Shows of 2008. This time it will be done over a few days with a bit more indepth analysis as to what makes the shows great. IasG14's Bad Show Challenge thingy is on the backbunner till I can get my social life reined in and then I'm all over it.

Finally the Weezer content promised. This weekend I will be posting my top 10 Weezer songs. Some people won't agree but hell it's my opinion, I'm one of few people who actually loves the Fountain and apparantly am a retard for liking Pan's Labyrinth more than Transformers.

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I don't think you're a retard for liking Pan's Labarynth more than Transformers, it's your opinion. I haven't even seen Transformers, but I did think Pan's Labarynth was only O.K.