Sunday, 28 December 2008

Of Fucked Up Sleeping Patterns

Swearing in blog titles is always intelligent.

Damn I so fucking tired. Really you can tell when your sleeping patterns are fucked up when you think it would be intelligent to go out at three in the morning to do something (to be honest I can’t even remember what I wanted to do anymore) and then at five at the evening all you want to do is sleep despite only being up for five hours. So I really need to get back into semblance of a normal sleep structure or otherwise my January will be…interesting to say the least.

Alright I’m taking this Christmas to try and catch up with lots of stuff I should really be on top of, I have until about February until life finally catches all the way back up so I’m trying to take it as easy as I can. At the moment I’m trying to finish of Mad Men Season 1 (it is really good) as well as the first season of Damages (I’ve got a daunting task of getting completely finished by January 7th when the second season starts). I’m going to try and get reviews for both of those as soon as my Top TV Shows of 2008 is done (I’ve got the next three already written up so it’s just a matter of copy and paste).

Tomorrow I’m out filming all day which should be make for at least something interesting. I’ll probably go into this in more detail in the coming months, at the moment I know I’m writing the third episode which I want to make so freaking awesome (it’s going to be non-linear and feature a death that’s all I know). My friend also wants me to help write a comedy thingy about serial killers who live in the same house. Could be interesting, I’ve got five days to come up with four uniquely funny characters that are able to play off each other in humourous ways (also their methods of killing have to be comical and sickening at the same time). On top of this I’m also aiming to write something for myself (it’s actual the novel idea from last year which is still fermenting in my brain, I just think it’ll work better as a film script with some sort of narrator which will break the fourth wall, similar to Arrested Development except more sarcastic). I’m praying at least one of these will take off in the coming months.

In terms of this blog I’ve got the rest of my TV shows thingy and then in the New Year I’ve got a whole host of reviews. A review of Heroes Volume 3, Mad Men Season 1 and Damages (at the moment only one is negative). Then I’m finally going to review No Country for Old Men as well as the new Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man. I might also do a review of Mallrats, the Kevin Smith film, or I’ll save up all of his movies and review one a day for a week as soon as I’ve seen Chasing Amy. I also aim to review a book soon, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (it sort of pushed Brisingr from my reading list because I’m having trouble getting into it). Speaking of books, I’m going to at least start the fourth Dark Tower book and also read The Road by Cormac McCarthy who wrote No Country for Old Men, so it looks like this blog is going to be more than just film and television reviews.

Over Christmas I also got a few video games early thoughts on two of them:
= a shit ton of fun and Stephen Fry makes me giggle. I might not be the most creative person, but even I can make a cool level and character in this game.
Prince of Persia
= maybe not quite as good as Sands of Time but a definite return to form after Warrior Within and Two Thrones.

I’m going to get round to Fallout 3, Okami and Shadow of the Colossus very soon (I know bad on me for not playing the last two when they came out).

Well I hope that sounds interesting, 3 television reviews, 2 movie reviews, 3 book reviews and 5 game reviews. As well as a lot of other stuff (if I can find the time to do IasG14’s challenge, because I seriously haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been hella busy.)

Oh by the way I’ve got a question, my iPod is now officially full to the brim of songs and need a new one. So my question is should I get the new nano or the touch? Sound off in comments/new poll!!!!

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