Monday, 2 February 2009

Of Snow and Music

If you live in the UK then you surely know that today it snowed. If you don't live in the UK, let me just say that it never snows. However global warming is helping feel wintery again (yes believe it or not it actually snowed during winter instead of March or October). So school was called off. Normally I'd be happy but today was Monday, and Monday is my best day. It essentially amounts to 10 hours fucking around 2 hours lessons.

However I hear you ask "BUT IT SNOWED!!! Go outside and have fun". Fair enough. Unluckily being the idiot I am I left my window open last night and proceeded to wake this morning feeling like shit and a cold. So all day I've been watching people go past on toboggans, making snow angels and snowball fights. So I've been pissed off all day.

However the thing that saved me was music. Which is mostly why I've decided to do this post. On the recommendation of a website, I downloaded an album by Say Anything entitled "...Is A Real Boy". Now I'd heard good things about it, plus I was looking for more albums like it. So I stuck it on my iPod and pressed play. Jesus Christ is this album amazing. Now I've been going back over a load of music from 2008 (Frightened Rabbit, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and MGMT) and a load of it is phenomenal. However 2008 lacked an album like this. So 2004 came to the rescue and gave me one of the best albums I've listened to in a long time. Plus there are some intelligent lyrics in it (last song is a perfect example).

I just want my little oppourtunity to rave about it. Whilst it isn't for everyone (it's stereotypical angsty teenage music) the album is the perfect example of what it is. I have feeling this album is gonna be playing in my head for a long time. Also "Alive With The Glory Of Love" is my new favourite song (not of all time, just at this moment in time).

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