Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First Impressions - Cupid

Cupid is yet another new show from the creator of Veronica Mars. Whilst neither Party Down or Cupid are as superb as Veronica Mars, they are both somewhat decent. Cupid is definitely far lighter in tone with the emphasis being on love and finding ones true love. This leads to some sweet and enjoyable story telling.

I didn't watch original show but I've heard the plot is exactly the same, it's just been modernised a bit. Overall the show is fun and quirky which is definitely different to a lot of what I watch (Breaking Bad for example). It's just a plain fun show and whilst it doesn't quite hit Chuck or How I Met Your Mother levels of awesomeness, Cupid is still extremely watchable. Obviously I would kill Cupid anyday to have Veronica Mars back but I doubt I'll get that option.

Overall the cast has a lot of chemistry but it doesn't match the quirky brilliance of other shows where romance is a main plot point such as Pushing Daisies nor Rob Thomas' other shows. But if you want something light hearted with a lot of fun moments give it a go. If you're looking for something "cooler", I'd definitely steer you away.

BTW HOLY SHIT at Derek's death in Terminator!!! He just got shot in the head BEFORE THE OPENING CREDITS WERE OVER!!!! I had to ask myself whether it was all a fake out. But nope they buried him by the end of the episode. One of the main characters of the show being killed in a way worse than guest stars get treated? That's just cold hearted brilliance, I'm the glad the shows recovered from that little lag earlier on in the season

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