Monday, 13 April 2009

Lost Plagarism Issue

Okay this is something that has been pissing me off since I found out about it yesterday. Some twat on the internet has been caught stealing someones theories about Lost. Now whilst this doesn't seem to be a massive issue, the fact that "Seanie B" has been stealing complete lines and layout of multiple Lost theory bloggers. It just so happens that he's been found out, check out the following video:

So if you've taken the chance to watch that video then you have seen the proof that he has been stealing peoples words which puts him in violation of copyright law. This is an extremely serious matter. He is blatantly plagarising a hard working persons words and passing them off as his own. I enjoy reading the recaps which have so far been proven to have been plagarised from, and even once watched a video from "Seanie B" before realising it was 20 minutes of extreme boredom (plus I kept getting distracted by his Zelda shield in the background). So I have to say this is completely disgusting. The guy has some serious fucking nerve. In fact he goes on flame a premiere Lost blogger, DocArzt or "whatever the name is" as "Seanie B" so nicely calls him. Despite the fact that I've seen more stuff from DocArzt than I have EVER seen from that tool. In fact DocArzt owned and ran the very first Lost fansite and is still a prominent member within the fan community.

Now whilst some people might argue that this isn't a big deal but honestly it is. People get expelled for doing this kind of shit in school and now this guy is passing off theories which he has read on the internet as his own without credit. Plus the guy has a donate button on his website and has had his videos featured in TVGuide vodcasts. This has just gone too far to the fact that this guy might seriously be profiting from someone else's work. Whilst it arguably isn't much, there's still money coming in for what is essentially reading something off the internet and passing it off as his own.

Again some people say "Oh it's only fan theories" or "You can't copyright a theory". Thing is you can copyright the words, which is where all this has come from. Everything you write on a site such as this or many other blogs, belongs to you the writer. Whilst you're thoughts don't need to be original and can be taken on by anyone else as their own, they can't come to you're site rip massive amounts of text and then not credit YOU. You "own" the words you used to express you're thoughts and anyone else taking them IS stealing. Which is why this a big deal.

Honestly this could all be sorted if "Seanie B" apologised for what he has done and began to credit people for the theories he has stolen. However he hasn't below are a couple of blogs showing the evolution of this matter and how whilst he claims he hasn't done anything wrong he still keeps doing some really suspicious things. Like the fact that he's taking down videos, deleting NEGATIVE comments, banning people from his site and just being an all round douche. He's turned pretty much the entire Lost community against apart from a few of his fans who honestly don't see this as a massive problem.

I'm not going to link to this guys site as I don't want to give him anymore traffic than he deserves. However I've been going through the comments and it seems that some people on his site are clearly retarded. In fact that same can be said for the entire internet and as we all know those idiots are the ones that stand out like a sore thumb and get me quite riled. Going through and seeing people think that just because it's a piece of fiction and a theory about a show that hasn't finished yet makes it completely alright to steal someones writings about it. However just because it's a work of fiction that may or may not be correct doesn't make it right to steal, it's still stealing no matter the circumstances.

Honestly this left me more than a little pissed. Mostly because there are people still leaping to his defense which is most mind boggling, that there are people that don't see that what he is doing IS WRONG. It's not a shade a grey, he is wrong 100%. He could make it right quite easily but as we've seen in two days he hasn't made a comment about what has exactly happened and his actions are painting him as being less than innocent in this whole matter. Whilst there might not be much going on legally here (which there is mind you) it would be nice to see someone who puts FOURTEEN HOURS work into a blog a week get the credit she deserves for having some complete smeg head (I'm watching Red Dwarf) nick the stuff she works so hard to create, even if he spends hours a week doing his own videos which are filled with blatant plagarism.

Couple of sites to do with the whole matter (not Seanie B's though):
LOST Video Recaps Exposed!
Seanie B. Update
Lastest Update from Erika, someone who's had their work stolen

Just needed to get this off my chest, check back later for a review of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.

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