Thursday, 2 April 2009

New Pollz

Okay technically it's only one poll but ahh well. The question is, due to my recent addiction to comics, I want to go back and read one of two classic series, X-Men or Spiderman? Both are marvel and both have 500+ issues. I'm going to try and avoid crossovers but that does mean I'll be missing some of the story but comics are profoundly fucked and the only way I'm going to stay on top is if I just plow through. So it's down to you now, next month my internet will literally be in your hands.


IaSg14 said...
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IaSg14 said...

Sorry, but your 'Name That Tune' answer is wrong, or at the very best not what I'm looking for.
I can't find that song anywhere on the Internet, not on Youtube, not on iTunes, not even on Google! Are you sure you typed it right, and if so, can you find me a sound file of it online so I can hear if you were on the right lines?

IaSg14 said...

I'm an idiot. You're correct, I just got it.