Monday, 27 October 2008

Of Apologies

*groan* Alright, I need to apologise. I said I'd be doing a review a day, guess what? I made it three days. Yup three measly days. So I want to say sorry for people expecting a new review every day. However I will be releasing all the reviews today and tommorow (maybe today if I can type all the reviews fast enough).

So an explanation is needed. Wednesday evening I just couldn't write three reviews and I still can't so once my Darren Aronofsky Trilogy review will be pushed back, I'm aiming for a review to coincide with The Wrestler (so you may have to wait till 2009). Then Thursday I was out and about and couldn't do the review of Fight Club, Friday I was preparing for a party which I didn't get back from till late on Saturday, by which point I was just too tired to write anything resembling a coherant review of a movie. Yesturday I was out all day at Christening and once again too tired to write a movie review. So today I will try and get reviews up of Fight Club, Serenity, The Matrix, Donnie Darko and Shoot 'em Up.

Once again apologies for the lateness, I will aim to have all the reviews up very soon (hopefully before I collapse from exhaustion).

Now for a brief clear up. Tonight Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 starts. Watch it!!!! Believe me it's fucking awesome. iasg14's challenge has been accepted however it may take me a while to find the top 10 worst shows as I tend to avoid the utter tripe that parades on television and it may be hard to find some utter shite television from the last 12 months as they tend to die quite slow painful deaths. Finally this was an experiment to see if I could do a post a day, shows I can't so the next time I'm aiming to do a post a day (Christmas time) I will be writing all the posts before hand so I know I'm prepared.

I leave you with awesome opening to Season 2 of Termnator, which by the way has picked up for a full season, now we just need to pray for more Pushing Daisies because that show is in trouble. So please if you read this sign the petition to keep it on the air.

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