Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Of People Afraid to try Things

Right I'm pissed, this is me writing a post on what is wrong with so many people at the moment. I promise this Saturday a review of Garden State, followed by review of Darren Aronofsky's movies the week after (I know I keep promising and I actually watched Garden State in preparation but I got busy and didn't do it).
Guess what? 99% of people are complete and utter fucking morons (alright thats exaggerated but whatever.) I hate, and I mean hate I simply being hyperbolic, the vast majority of people when it comes to their choices of tv, movies and games (paticualarly teenagers, when we become adults we actually become more cultured.) Whilst I know I have to respect peoples opinons but guess what when people don't respect my choices I just give up and decide to berate their choices. I could turn on Requiem for a Dream (one of the greatest movies ever) and the vast majority of teenagers would want to watch some shitty action movie or a comedy (*cough*DisasterMovie*.) But guess what? They won't even give it a shot. And it's not that won't enjoy it. I know someone whose favourite movie is Shawshank Redemption, a bonafide classic which shows they will watch and enjoy amazing films. It's just they will never make a concious decision to watch great movies. I'm of the only people in my house to have seen No Country for Old Men and you can laughed at for saying you've seen Brokeback Mountain. Fucking hell. You don't laugh at the guy for literally putting his mind in a blender when he watches 'Meet the Spartans' and yet apparantly when I watch a well acted, directed and written movie, just because its about gay cowboys means my opinion can't be respected. THE FUCKING MOVIE WAS NOMINATED (and should have won) BEST PICTURE!!!!! GET OVER YOUR FUCKING HOMOPHOBIA (alright thats a different matter entirely).
Nowhere is this divide between me and other people more clear than in video games. Yes people do like playing good games. However I've shown people pictures of Okami and LittleBigPlanet and they've been called 'gay'. Now I would like to point out that IGN (plug) gave both games a 9.5/10. That's pretty incredible in my books. And yet you would rather go out and buy the new FIFA which you just bought last year or Mario Party 56/5. It really is a depressing state of affairs when a new original and interesting game is brought into conversation and is promptly pissed all over. Whilst there are good games in every genre (yes despite my irrational hatred of them, FIFA and Madden are good games) it just hurts to hear that they are the only games that people talk about. Guitar Hero, FIFA, GTA, Gears of War, World of Warcraft. Yes all good games (infact all amazing games) but there are other games!!! Just because a game doesn't fall inside your normal comfort zone doesn't mean you shouldn't play it. Just because you love Zelda doesn't mean you shouldn't give Gears a try. The same goes if you love Oblivion, why not try Picross? GTA fan? Try LittleBigPlanet. I know you love Mario why not go play Metal Gear Solid. Good games exist everywhere but I am immensely pissed off by the people who seem to make it their personal vendetta to not try games from a certain genre. I own games from every genre conceiveable genre because I want new experiences. So please don't go with the trend try new stuff. Try a new genre (but make sure you choose a good example), if you don't enjoy it fine. But if you do you've found a new game to play. It means you won't be playing Guitar Hero or FIFA forever.
Finally I'd also like to start a plea for smaller games. Ever hear of Psychonauts? Grim Fandango? Beyond Good and Evil? Ico? Okami? All fucking brilliant games, but because you're too far up your own arse to try new and different games means you won't ever play them will you? You can play popular games like Zelda and Halo all you want. But true gaming lies in the corporate companies. The people making the true gamers games.
So my final plea is please, oh please, try something new! Whether its a movie, tv show or game (paticualarly games) just try it. If you don't enjoy it fine. You haven't hurt anyone but what if you do enjoy it? Then once you've expanded into new genres try going cult. Cult movies and games are where the real ideas come to life. Donnie Darko and Psychonauts, both completely out there but both fucking epic. Remember you don't know what you enjoy until you've done it.

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