Monday, 27 October 2008

Of Fight Club

Alright here we go. Fight Club. The second Brad Pitt movie I’m reviewing. Not that I like him at all, although I do like him. He’s a great actor, especially when he gets put in the right roles. Films like, Se7en and Twelve Monkeys show him off as a great actor. Just a shame he also has that heartthrob persona which he must keep up with films like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ocean’s Thirteen. Whilst neither are bad films, they don’t really let him show off his considerable talents. Brad Pitt is probably one of the best film actors at the moment. Whilst he isn’t as impressive as an actor such as Javier Bardem (seriously watch No Country for Old Men and look for the guy with the bowel cut), you can still rely on him to give a great performance.

And that’s exactly what he does here. It’s not oscar worthy but it’s still a great performance. He and Edward Norton show off some great acting. While Edward Norton is undoubtedly the main man in this, Brad Pitt once again steals the show in some ways (although not really, watch the movie to find out why). Helena Bonham Carter (who keeps cropping up all over the place nowadays) is the sole female character of the film and whilst it isn’t the best part for a female actress ever, that’s to be expected from a movie called Fight Club. It’s a movie about a lot of guys beating each other, hardly chick flick material (yeah I know sexist, but true).

The plot, well in a nutshell an unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) becomes bored with his normal life, suffers from insomnia and spends all his time remodelling his apartment with Ikea furniture. Eventually he joins a self help group for testicular cancer patients, despite not having it. Here he finds contentment and finally gets to sleep…until Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) comes along. Now unable to sleep he can’t stand it anymore, and then he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). He makes friends with Tyler and is taught about all the woes of the world such as consumerism and homogenisation. After a few nights on the town they get in a consensual fight (as in beating each up), which a forms a thing called Fight Club. Then the whole world falls apart. Love triangles are formed as are anarchistic movements. And it makes it an amazing film.

It may feel I’ve gone in depth into the film, but believe me I haven’t there are so many great things that happen in this film that I cannot and will not spoil. The movie is one of those films that you have to see. It’s one of those few required filmic experiences that you must watch. You might not enjoy all of them but they are still movies that everyone must watch at least once in their life. Movies like Shawshank Redemption and Godfather spring to mind. Fight Club is a great film, and has a twist ending that will blow your mind (although if you’re astute you may be able to figure it out before the end.

David Fincher directs with great skill and proves why he is one of the best directors currently working. With films like Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac under his belt it’s hard to discredit him as a director (unless of course you watch Alien 3). David Fincher definitely brings in a gritty style to the movie as well some cool little self referential points where the characters know that they’re in a movie. It is incredibly well done and just adds to the awesomeness of the film (also Mr. Fincher if you decided on “Where is my Mind” by the Pixies at the end I salute you).

So overall I’m going to give Fight Club 10 out of 10. Now a personal favourite movie choice of mine. I don’t give out 10s often (but if you look at my reviews you may thing otherwise, but that’s merely because I’m reviewing films I enjoy). So if you haven’t seen it yet, go out and buy the DVD….now!!!


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