Monday, 20 October 2008

Of Fargo

Yesturday I reviewd the new Coen Brothers movie, today I review one of their critically acclaimed films. This movie along with No Country for Old Men are the brothers oscar nominated duo of films. I will say that once more that No Country for Old Men is the better film however this movie is flipping great.

Right the movie follows a similar case to Burn After Reading in that not much happens but for some reason it feels like a lot did. I must commend the Coen Brothers for letting me watch three of the best movies that I've had the pleasure of watching in a while. Again all the acting in this film is top notch. It seems the Coen's can get great acting out of all of their actors no matter how small or large the role.

Fargo deals with a William H. Macy's character trying to get out of debt by hiring two thugs to kidnap his wife. Of course this proceeds to go wrong and all kinds of bad shit happens. There are murders and some very funny macarbe humour (just like in Burn After Reading.) The movie overall is great fun with some quite dark moments (paticularly the woodchipper scene). The dialogue and direction once more is a spot on. However I would make a complaint that there seemed to be a superflous scene in the middle, although I think that was just due to me being tired and not getting how it fit in.

Fargo seems to have the same idea as Burn After Reading, in that a lot seems to happen but upon reflection you realise that almost nothing did. The movie makes great use out of the setting to show how different life is when things such as kidnapping happen. What was also great about watching Fargo is learning where all those moments in films and references that you didn't realise were references came from. That Canadian accent so many films seem to use? This film. Someone going on about how they will be completely silent and just end saying it loads of times to try and get their point across? This film.

Fargo is great film and would rank high in my all time favourites. Like Garden State it require multiple viewings for me to truely appreciate it. So at this point I have to give the movie a 8 out of 10. It isn't as good as No Country for Old Men but is still a great movie, however it is unfair to compare these two movies as they are clearly going for different angles. No Country is more gritty noir whilst Fargo definately has far more comedy elements.

Yup I know shorter than normal post, but really I want to make these reviews succinct so that I don't write too much on a movie. So most of these will be short and sweet (apart from the Darren Aronofsky movies.)

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