Sunday, 22 March 2009

BBC is doing some good stuff!!!!

Woo, I've just read that starting March 30th BBC2 is going to start airing ...*drumroll*..... THE WIRE!!!!! Yes you read that right!!!! The Wire is showing again on FX on Monday nights but BBC2 reaches so many more people and it's free which means that honestly you have no excuse to watch it. Plus the fact that its on during the Easter holidays means that people don't need to go to school the next day (plus who revises at night). This absolutely fantastic news and I'm going to be doing my best to force as many people as I can to watch. (NB if you do get convinced don't give up after one episode, give it at least the first six and you'll be hooked).

Secondly BBC4 is going start airing Newswipe on March 25th at 10:30, so now we get Charlie Brooker's sardonic wit to talk to us about the news as well as television, that is just made of WIN!!!! Also Charlie is a fan of the Wire so there's a link between those two. Oh and You've Been Watching a panel show also hosted by Brooker starts on Channel 4 very soon another awesome announcement.

Finally something I'm not 100% sure about. Who remembers last years Doctor Who finale? Yeah it was awful partly because of its bloated nature and Russel T. Davies uncanny ability to piss all over a good thing. Well guess what. He's having another go!!! Yes Martha is back (because Freema just loves doing anything attached to the Doctor Who name) as are Rose (HOW!?!?!) and Donna (AGAIN HOW?!?!?!). This is the regeneration story which will be airing sometime next year or possibly New Years as we have the first special in a few weeks followed by the next one at Christmas. Unless they're going to hold back this final two part special until next Spring, they're going to air it over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Whilst the return of Rose and Donna is going to take a lot of explaining, one thing which many people will be happy to hear is that John Simm's Master will be back in these episodes. Something I'm sure IasG14 will be very happy to hear. I hope that Davies can give us a good explanation as to why Rose can be back in the Doctor's dimension and why Donna's head won't explode but I'm not going to keep my hopes up. In slightly more hopeful news, during Steven Moffat's tenure the TARDIS will be redesigned and Cassie from Skins may become the new companion. Here's to the future of Who.

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IaSg14 said...

I think I can put up with Donna* and Rose coming back just so long as John Simm as The Master is as good as ever and doesn't regenerate at the end. Thanks for this post, that's really made me happy.

* Damn. And you thought they'd bring her back in Season 27. Try Season 4.5