Wednesday, 11 March 2009

First Impressions - Breaking Bad Season 2

Right Breaking Bad is back. Yayness. I really, really enjoyed the first season of this show and it's quite upsetting that the writers strike shortened it by two episodes. However that means that Season 2 Episode 1 is more or less Season 1 episode 8.

So if you haven't watched the first season, whats happening so far might not make any sense. There's some guy beating the shit out of another guy, blue crystal meth and the dad from Malcolm in the Middle is bald for some reason. If you have been watching the show, then you've probably been waiting about a year for this show to come back.

The story is continuing and is just as interesting as it was last year, and with the promise of a full 13 episodes with some really crazy stuff coming up soon then this promises to be another brilliant season of this show. The humour is incredibly dark and Bryan Cranston is literally in one of the best acting roles ever. Whilst its a bit like Dexter in that this one amazing performance takes away from the rest of the cast, that one performance is so amazing that you'll keep coming back for more.

In my eyes, Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television. With the The Wire finished, Lost ending next year and most of other favourite shows not being nearlly up to the same standard, my hope for top quality television lies with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Luckily my hope isn't unfounded and Breaking Bad's second season looks to be even better than it's depressingly shortened first.

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