Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief

Comic Relief was yesterday (and partly today). So I stayed up and decided to watch it all (I've never actually succeeded at it before so I'm quite pleased with myself).

Good news? It wasn't unbelievably painful. There were more than enough decent moments to make up for some shitty parts (congratulations British Public for having Flo Rida being the number one song this week *groan*). Yes this year we were missing stuff like a Top Gear clip, but those guys are probably off filming in some far off country for the new season so I'm fine with that, so I'm going to go through and say some thoughts on the different sketches:

First off the music was fine (except for Flo Rida), yes Take That aren't the best band ever but for an evening where we're trying to get money from the Great British public they're absolutely fine. They're a big name and at least they've written some passable songs. Just be glad it wasn't all rap. Acts like Elbow also set a tone that was quite right for the evening and I'm glad that they're getting exposure now.

Harry Hill's TV Burp = Bored of his shtick a few years ago. Yes we get it FIGHT. Fuck off
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Grownups and Coming of Age = I missed it so no comment
The Royale Family = Never got into it, not bothered
Outnumbered = One of the highlights. The three kids are probably three of the best improvisers on television and they're charm definitely showed during this.
Sarah Jane Adventures = K-9 always means awesomeness, even if the Slitheen are rubbish
Mastermind = David Tennant knows his Who knowledge and showed up Davina (thank fuck), Davina did bring this down a bit.
Dragon's Den = The Dragon's Den bit was probably the best sketch from Harry and Paul's show, unluckily three times in row over 9 hours killed it. Especially since it ended on the same joke twice.
Mamma Mia! = French and Saunders are probably the best female comedians in Britain and showed us again with a perfect spoof of Mamma Mia! (and a little self referential humour at the end).
Little Britain = Little Britain was once hilarious and I did get a few chuckles (Matt Lucas in the closet and Robbie Williams saying Satan), however it just doesn't work anymore.
The Office = Good if only to watch Ricky Gervais act like a stereotypical jackass celeb (shame they nicked the segway from Arrested Development)
James Cordon Vs. England = Almost perfect, I don't even like football and I still found this awesome.
Pub Quiz = Hehe Duran Duran jokes a funny
Mitchell and Webb vs. Armstrong and Miller = Two of the best sketch shows in the country go head to head in another exceedingly funny sketch (Geoffry Palmer speaking like a posh chav was hysterical)
Katy Brand = Tuned out, came back when mentioned music then realised and chuckled a bit at the sheer grossness of some of the characters.
You Can Keep Your Hat On = There was penis. That is all
Catherine Tate = I believe first swearing of the evening but Catherine Tate, like Little Britain is a bit tired now. Retire from it now please
Friday Night Comic Relief News = went to the loo
Stand-Up Comedy = meh
Cowboys Go Naked = what?
Making of Amarillo = Ronnie Corbett falling over is always funny.
Final Push = Apart from the sketches they repeated from the rest of the night, there was some really good stuff from people like Will Ferrell, Flight of the Conchords, Horne and Corden, some Australian comedians (both really funny) and finally Matthew Horne and James Corden getting married was worth the entire evening.

Overall it was pretty good. I didn't enjoy the stuff I knew I wouldn't, but I was definitely laughing for a good portion of the evening. Plus its a good cause which I donate £50 to (I said I'd do that if I cried which I did, fucking pansy). For a period of time where we're going through a dry spell in terms of comedy I think we did really well, plus it gives a good feeling as we're the only country that still does this sort of thing. My only complaint was that they ran out of videos half way through the night, whilst definitely being good they need to space it out and make the evening about two hours shorter. Not a complete waste of a night I laughed, I cried and I can safely say it was un-terrible. Perhaps even good. Not awesome, that is reserved for Barney Stinson.

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