Sunday, 1 March 2009

March 2009

Bleh March. Ummm not much to say. Winter is officially more or less over so it's getting warmer again. However apparently there might be more snow so we the good old British weather might be getting back into its normal idea of having the wrong weather for certain points of the year.

The film reviews are essentially being left for an easier time (only ones I've got to do are the Darren Aronofsky ones but I've lent my DVDs to a friend for his coursework so they'll be delayed). If I do them I'll probably do about 10 in a single blog post. Short paragraphs with a score. I'll save long reviews for personal faves, new releases and shitty movies that need ripping into.

Heroes is more or less dead to me. I physically can't bring myself to watch the newest episode. The show has lost all meaning to me that I actually want to cry. What was a personal favourite is just appalling shite now. Some can say "stick with it" but after watching television gems like The Wire and Mad Men, Heroes is just shit. I can see almost no redeeming factors except for the fact that Bryan Fuller is coming back which is possibly the only reason I'll keep watching and even then it's unlikely he'll be able to save it in a single episode.

Stuff Coming Soon
I have no clue whatsoever, maybe my 100th post?

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Currently Watching (TV): HouseSeason 4 finale (amazing television even if you don't watch the show)
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Currently Reading: Strange Meeting - Susan Hill (this book makes me want to cry)

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