Sunday, 22 March 2009

First Impressions - Party Down

This is a first. You want to catch the first episode of Party Down you can watch it above, it might be censored but most of the jokes come through just the same (although the silences that happen every so often can be annoying).

The show isn't hilarious, but this the first episode and it is definitely funny. There are a few moments which warrant chuckles (mostly coming from the sarcastic characters). To be honest I'm just happy that so many Veronica Mars alums are in the show, Ryan Hansen is still playing the absolute douche that he always plays and it's quite a lot of fun to imagine that this is what happens to Dick after Veronica Mars (yes I know I really need that movie).

This is really just a stop gap for Rob Thomas before he can get the cast back together for the movie, and I'll take it. With everyone saying that the show gets better with later episodes and since the first episode definitely has some moments that show promise, I'm going to watch it. Also if they can get Enrico Colantoni naked (and flapping) in the first episode whats to say they can't get Kristin Bell naked in the last episode (Dear Lord please let that happen).

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