Monday, 5 January 2009

Favourite TV Shows 2008 - #02 Veronica Mars

This show was actually hanging out at number 1 in my mind for a while. But obviously I found a better show (and trust me it's amazing). So Veronica Mars gets in at number 2. The greatest murder mystery of the 21st Century also makes for one of my favourite TV shows of all time.

Veronica Mars Season 1 as I have previously said is one of my favourite all round seasons of television ever. Honestly it's completely and utterly perfect, there is hardly a thing I'd change about it. The pacing is spot on, the characters are relatable and the dialogue is the funniest outside of a comedy show. However I've already gone in depth into Season 1 and let me just say that it is necessary viewing for almost anyone. If you want to see how to create the perfect murder mystery then just watch Season 1 of this show.

In my last blog post I more or less ran Veronica Mars into the ground. I raved about much I love this show. Honestly it's one of the few shows I would recommend to everyone. Whilst the quality of the show dips a little (think 9 for both Season 2 and 3) and you can sort of see why it came at number 2. In fact in my head I had a joint first place going, however my number 1 choice deserves unanimous praise for itself whilst Veronica Mars just became a labyrinth of plot points in Season 2 and Season 3 suffered because it wasn't one continuous mystery.

Veronica Mars Seasons 2 and 3 are still great television but compared to the stupendousness of Season 1 any television show is going to come off worse.

The thing I love about Veronica Mars is that in my eyes, it validated the teen drama. People have been preaching on at me about The OC, Gossip Girl and Skins but I've never been pulled towards them. It was Veronica Mars that showed me what this genre could be. Veronica Mars combines neo-noir and teen drama into one perfect package. People die, STDs are contracted and dads have sex changes, but the show never forgets that Veronica Mars (played superbly by Kristin Bell) is a teenager, with teenage issues (albeit with other stuff thrown in). She has a boyfriend, shes a social outcast and shes only got a single parent. It's all stuff that most teenagers can relate to. But then they throw in the amazing hook of a murder mystery and it just makes the show feel like a complete whole.

Whilst Lost may end up being the perfect serialised story over it's six years, but Veronica Mars perfected the single season story-arc, more so than 24 and Buffy. Veronica Mars is just a level of storytelling that every show should look to be. It's just a shame that it got cancelled after 3 glorious seasons because I could still watch her try and solve mysteries any day of the week. It's just a shame the show ended on a cliffhanger because now we might never know who won the election and what exactly the castle are.

Ah well hopefully someday the bitch will be back. (come on Veronica Mars movie!!!)

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