Friday, 2 January 2009

January 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Yeah I know it's late. Sue me. May 2009 be less sucky than 2008

Alright this is going to be a new little feature. I aim to do one blog post a month in which I will sum up what I will be posting in the blog that month. Should be fun. Obviously these posts will most likely come on the first of said month from now on however yesterday was New Years Day and I was out till early. So really please forgive me. However I do hope to be doing this once a month.

Stuff Coming Soon
- The remaining four shows in my Favourite TV shows feature
- Review of Mad Men Season 1
- Review of Heroes Volume 3
- Review of Pineapple Express
- Review of Kung Fu Panda (I'm watching movies I missed in 2008)
- Darren Aronofsky Special (i.e four more film reviews)
- Review of American Gods
- IaSG14's challenge (trust me I'm getting to it)
- First thoughts on Scrubs and Lost's new seasons

Now for a little something extra where I go through some other stuff:

Currently Listening to: Letter from an Occupant - The New Pornographers
Currently Watching (TV): Mad Men Season 1 finale
Currently Watching (Movie): Pineapple Express/Kung Fu Panda
Currently Reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Currently Playing: Fallout 3

Other Stuff:
Scrubs Webisode
Crank 2 trailer (WARNING NSFW!!!)
Questionable Content (You will have to read the rest of the comics but damn if it isn't funny, have fun)

Finally the 11th Doctor is announced tomorrow!!!! Please don't be someone shit (although I actually trust the casting department because they brought us David Tennant). Also The Wrestler is out on the 16th. I am quite possibly the most pumped human in existence right now (honestly there is no movie I want to see more).

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