Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First Impressions - Scrubs Season 8

Yes I'm beginning to get out of my "Of..." thingy.

Short but sweet.

Scrubs Season 8, so far, seems a return to form, which in recent years has sunken more into more fantastical humour (although I will say some remains). The premiere is a strong opening episode, however the second episode I would say is one of the strongest episodes that Scrubs has ever produced, it's one of those highly emotional episodes that Scrubs does oh so well. Also any show that uses my favourite Death Cab for Cutie songs gets instant props for being awesome.

Scrubs looks to be off to a terrific start this year. With this probably being the last season, it really would be the best time to go out. Plus it's also to see that ABC are treating the show right. No longer is it being shuffled as some sort of lame person. It is being paraded as one of the strongest shows on television, as it should be.

Courtney Cox is so far impressing me on Scrubs. Shes one of the four Friends I don't mind seeing in things (although Matthew Perry needs to do more). She seems to fit in wonderfully in the Scrubs universe, although she seemed under utilised in the second episode, odd for an actress who is only signed on for three episodes. However I'm betting Episode 3 may be all about her.

As for that second episode? It is phenomenal. It has a rock hard emotional story line and whilst I feel some jokes just don't fit the show (although they are getting closer to Seasons 1-4). Really this episode didn't need any jokes but some were really good. JD overreacting to the check out kid and Denise's story were pretty funny.

Finally new favourite character? Denise, by far.

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