Monday, 5 January 2009


Seriously? I just got a little note through my door informing me that a package couldn't be delivered. Fair enough if I couldn't answer the door. However I was there and the reason that they won't give me my fucking package is because full postage hadn't been paid.

WHAT THE FUCK? I bought this from (it was only available in the US) and they said postage would only cost 4 quid. However now I'm being charged an extra £21.70 so that something bought for me as a Christmas present can sit in some warehouse until I can come and get it, and then have to pay for's mistake!!! I wouldn't have bought the package if I'd have known that postage was £25!!! It wasn't that much last time and now for some reason I'm being charge a bout a quater of what I ordered is worth!!! A 25% increase on what I fucking paid? Go fuck yourselves. is paying dearly (I have no problems with who have never delivered anything late).

Now Royal Mail, you and I are on rocky ground to start with what with postal strikes and whatnot. However now you can't even bring me a package which I can't collect till tomorrow? I have the money to pay for it, I'd have a problem but the least you could do is DELIVER MY FUCKING MAIL. I now have to wait an extra 36 hours now to get my package. Lucky fucking me. If that isn't enough I won't even get to use when I get it.

This has severely pissed me off, I've been charged way too much for postage (plus a 1 quid holding charge? You think I wanted you to hold onto my package? Fucking twats) and now I can't even get hold of my package because Royal Mail seem to have a problem with actually delivering the mail!!!

So now I pledge to not buy anything from (which is a shame because that's the only way I can get hold of Dr. Horrible on DVD). Now if only I could boycott Royal Mail, then I'd be happy.

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