Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Favourite TV Shows 2008 - Biggest Dissapointments

Every year certain shows are bound to disappoint you. In last years list I had a dig at 24, I had never watched the show before and started with season six. I really didn't enjoy it. However people said it was the weakest season so I went and found season one and again it just seriously didn't mesh, neither did last years 24: Redemption. So I've called it quits, I don't think I'm supposed to like 24, someday maybe but at the moment I really don't think so (plus it keeps my schedule clearer).

So in 2008 there were a number of shows which disappointed me most. These were Heroes, South Park, Fringe, Doctor Who and My Name is Earl. So here's why:


Honestly there is far too much to go into about Heroes and it's awful third volume. Season 2 showed a definite dip in quality after the stellar Season 1. Throughout its second season only Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell kept me watching (and is actually part of the reason I watched the show in the first place). Kristin Bell was just good in Volume 3 but seriously Heroes needs someone to sort out every single little stupid error they've made. The characters are down right awful now (and yet they have fucking amazing actors?!?!), the story makes no sense and we seem to be over reliant on stories that should have been used once and only once. There's so much I can say and infact I will in my next blog post.

South Park

South Park didn't have a godawful year like Heroes, just a sub par one. We still got great episodes like Tonsil Trouble and The China Probrem. Plus there were so many great ideas from Pandemic's spoof of Cloverfield to Obama being a professional diamond thief. However it just lacked some of the magic from the shows best episodes, like Cartoon Wars, Fantastic Easter Special and Trapped in the Closet. However South Park has proved it can jump back from worse slumps than this and so I'm still waiting with baited breath for Season 13 in March.

Fringe did show what it would become in it's tenth episode, but still that's after nine episodes of set up. To be honest this is mostly due to me geeking out over the fact that J.J Abrams created it. He might have done Lost but this definitely just didn't have the bang that Lost had in it's first string of episodes. Whilst the tenth episode of the show is simply amazing, I just felt it took a tad too long to reach that point, unlike Lost which opened amazingly and then blew out all expectations with it's third episode.

Doctor Who
Honestly Season 4 only disappointed me on two points. For having one of the weakest episodes of the show ever (Unicorn and Wasp can go die) and also a godawful finale. However those were my only disappointments. Stephen Moffat still writes the best episodes of the season, the reveal at the end of the first episode blew me away and the penultimate five episodes were as strong as the New-Who has been. However I just can't get that finale out of my head and it just ranks as my biggest disappointment of the year (apart from missing the DCFC/FR concert).

My Name is Earl

I really liked Season 1 of My Name is Earl. It was funny and it was interesting to watch him to do his list. Then there was a really long wait until Season 2. But then it came and so did Season 3 and the first half of Season 4. To be honest because it had been gone so long I was completely meh about it. I'd found funnier shows and now I just couldn't get into it. I've still seen every episode but every time it just gets harder to watch the next (in fact I've found myself watching four or five in a sitting because I seriously couldn't be arsed when they aired)

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