Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Of Random Blog Posts

Alright this blog post is posted just for the hell of it (although Heroes Volume 3 review follows shortly). So today a lot of stuff happened. Because of this quite massive news dump I thought I'd devote an entire blog post to just running through some key points.

- Obama's Inauguration, an incredibly key point today. Today marks the end of the eight year reign of George W. Bush as the President of the United States of America. Instead we now have Barrack Obama, the first black president (although some people will say otherwise). This is a massive turning point in the history of the world and I can safely say that I was at school watching on a little television without about 10 other people my age listening to his speech after he was sworn in (plus it synched up dinner which is a massive bonus).

- New show premieres. This week (in Britain) we get Generation Kill (I've got all seven episodes on my laptop but I think I'm more likely to watch on television) on Sunday at 10 on FX. Lost is back on Sunday as well from 9 with two episodes (so fucking psyched) and Pushing Daisies is back next Friday with Season 2 and if the ratings are maintained I might actually get to see episodes 11-13 which is a massive bonus (but also a massive kick in the balls to the American fan base).

- Finally the new companion on Doctor Who. Apparently Michelle Ryan (Jekyll, Merlin) has been signed on as the new companion. This caries on the fact that it's always a male and a female and the fact that Matt Smith is such an unknown, it definitely helps to have an actress who is more well known (especially as she is also known in America as well). I'm not going to comment officially on this however until I know for a fact that she has been signed on.

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