Thursday, 22 January 2009

First Impressions - Lost Season 5

Yay, biased post time. Lost Season 5 began yesterday in the states and I have had the privilege of watching episode one "Because You Left" and episode two "The Lie". As always Lost has rocketed back to where we left them last season. Everything we wanted wrapped up has been wrapped up. Where exactly did the island go (more exactly when now)? Who does Ben want to go back to island? Will Jack ever shave off that goddamn beard?

So what we got was two pretty intense hours of Lost. "Because You Left" was a fantastic premiere, although not quite as strong as the "Pilot" or "Man of Science, Man of Faith". We got some little bits set off the island, detailing where the Oceanic Six and what they're doing, but overall the bit we really wanted was WTF was happening on the island. Luckily we got that in spades. The island is now traveling around in time. We got to see the Nigerian Drug Plane crash (letting us meet the deceased Ethan Rom again), possibly the future because it seemed the helicopter had left and also the hatch pre-explosion. This of course led to an amazing moment involving Daniel (second big WTF moment of the episode). Not only is Daniel around in the 1970s during the building of the Orchid but also he can communicate with Desmond who is off the island! So my two favourite characters have this unique bond and I couldn't be happier.

"The Lie" was a tad weaker but that was mostly because it followed the Oceanic Six instead of the people still on the island. We still got some fun moments like the return of Frank (albeit briefly), Hurley summing up the entire show proving how silly the story sounds on paper and the return of the deceased Ana-Lucia. Oh and of course flaming arrows. Flaming arrows are always good.

So Lost is back and I'm going to get about 15 more weeks of freaking awesome until I have to go back into hibernation for another 8 months and the return of the last and most freaking awesome season of television ever.

Lost is suggested to the highest degree, and honestly if you aren't watching it then I don't know what the hell else you could be watching, at the moment there is no better show on television (apart from possibly Mad Men).

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