Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Well you know I said I'd have to wait 36 hours? Guess what? Extend that another 24. The little note I was given failed to mention that my package had failed to reach it's destination yet. So I was being told to go pick up a package that hadn't even been delivered to it's final destination yet? Good fucking job Royal Mail.

Amazon.com have escaped my wrath other than a.. Honestly a 24 disc boxset? That's going to cost a bit more than 5 quid postage and packaging? Please tell me next time.

Finally Amazon.co.uk. Yesterday I said I had no qualms with them, oh how times change. Today I got a package. I think "Oh cool on of the DVDs I ordered has arrived" so I open it and find my new copy of Donnie Darko. But it's the wrong fucking copy. It wasn't the normal version + extras it was the 2 disc directors cut. Obviously this is their fault because on Amazon.co.uk they are separated by completely different pages (although this should teach me to buy from those fucking third parties). However upon closer inspection I realise "I've spend 2 quid on a DVD worth at least 10". So I'm keeping this mistake DVD, buying the one I want and selling my old one. I'm happy and I get two copies of the movie. So really this is one of this happy mistakes you hear about every so often.

Also btw if anyone is interested in a Donnie Darko DVD just comment below or contact me some other way (i.e e-mail)

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