Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Of Heroes Volume Three

Guess what? I really don't know how to some up the awfulness that was Volume 3. So instead I'm going to do a brain storm about why I didn't like it. So first off positives!!!


- Kristin Bell
- Good actors (including Kristin Bell)
- Elle is a cool character
- The episode where the heroes got together and so did the villains was cool
- As was the episode before the last episode of the volume.

Phew that was tough

- Awful character choices
- Hiro as a 10 year old
- The decision to kill off Elle
- Making Sylar a good guy only to completey change direction by the end of the season (admittedly good idea but they still made him a good guy in between)
- WTF was up with the eclipse episodes?
- Using time travel....again!!!! as the reason why the world must be saved
- Bringing back Adam only to kill him off in the next episode
- Awful use of Francis Capra
- Re-use of superpowers
- Why exactly was the world going to end?
- Completely degrading an actor from The Wire
- Completely screwing around with your shows history
- Not even fact checking stuff about time WHEN YOUR SHOW IS ABOUT TIME TRAVEL!!!
- Having Seth Green for three episodes and making him read comics
- Making Claire into some sort of emotional devoid robot to set up the possibility of her maybe becoming a villain (has yet to happen)
- Making Sylar into a sympathetic character during a time period we knew he was out doing hardcore murders
- Making the story completely and utterly awful
- The fact that Pushing Daisies had to die for this mess to actually maybe someday become good
- Keeping Tim Kring in a controlling position
- Having the Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli working together despite being on opposing sides and having no opportunity to organise the lie they tell Sylar
- Managing to succeed in making Mohinder a worse character than he initially was
- Mohinder having spider powers
- Hiro's complete stupidity at opening a safe his father told him not to open
- Peter jabbing himself with the serum to give him superpowers despite spending the last 30 minutes trying to destroy it.
- Not killing off a single main cast member
- Essentially killing off every character who could have had potential later on
- Stop bringing back Ali Larter. She's died once but because of your inherent problem with killing main characters she was still back this year, as a new character.
- Having characters disappear on a whim (where was the Haitian in the finale)
- Because it needs saying more, WTF WAS UP WITH NATHAN?!?!?!
- Copying a plot point of Lost....badly
- Succeeding in making a worse story than Season 2
- Destroying nearly all interest I have left in the show
- Oh and killing off Elle

Volume 3 sucked. Believe it or not that isn't a comprehensive list, because it's been almost two months since I watch the show I've forgotten a lot of what pissed me off so this is just a sample. Overall 4/10

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IaSg14 said...

I know you've probably told me this before, but what were the awful character choices, who was the degraded actor from The Wire and what was the plot point in Lost?
I didn't think the overall plot summary was that bad, I felt the idea of the whole Heroes Vs. Villains climax would've been awesome, but it did end on a bit of a disapointment.
I'm still gonna watch Volume 4 though.