Thursday, 1 January 2009

Of Yes Man

Would you believe that I saw this movie before Benjamin Button? Obviously left a bigger mark on me than Yes Man. Another Jim Carrey comedy. It's not a bad movie. It just feels like more of the same. Yes Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar are funny films but Yes Man just seems to carry on the Jim Carrey tradition of something supernatural happening and then comedy ensues. I would say it is one of the weaker Jim Carrey comedy films. I laughed for sure during the movie because Jim Carrey is a funny bloke. I enjoyed Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar and Dumb and Dumber. However this movie just felt a little tired. If it had come out five years ago I would have probably liked it more, as it stands it just isn't as good.

However it is not Carrey's worst film. That dubious accolade goes to Number 23. However it is far from being his best. Jim Carrey at the top of his game has put out The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two absolutely phenomenal films. Yes Man is decidedly not as amazing as either of those and whilst it is a little flat it's still alright. Mediocre but funny in places.

The premise of the movie is that Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) doesn't take any chances with his life. Until he goes to a seminar where a "covenant" is formed which means if he doesn't say yes then bad things will happen to him. So after this he starts saying yes and finds his life becomes more enjoyable. Then he meets a women they fall in love know what fuck it. You know exactly where the plot goes. He says yes to everything then an event happens which fucks everything up with the girl so he tries to get the "covenant" reversed, finds out that he was actually taking chances the whole time and there wasn't a "covenant". This enables to go back to the girl and tell her that he does love her and that it wasn't just him being forced to say yes. There we go happy ending.

Luckily there are a few funny scenes. Stuff like the granny blowjob and drunk fight are funny and play to Carrey's strengths but the rest movie is just "been there, seen that". Four years ago Jim Carrey did Eternal Sunshine which still stands strong as one of my favourite movies of all time. It's different from the more public appealing Jim Carrey but it's also a fantastic movie. Carrey might be known for this more rubber faced type of comedy but honestly I would say pay £3 for Eternal Sunshine, watch it and love forever on DVD than to pay £6 to go see a mediocre Jim Carrey movie when he's done so much better stuff. 6/10

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